100% digital orders and compulsory eco-certification

Royal FloraHolland’s slogan is ‘Flowering the World’. In support of that, ambition is an active collaboration with our growers and buyers. In 2020, digital transformation and sustainability will change the way we work together.

Fred van Tol

Fred van Tol, Manager International Development at Royal FloraHolland

The first change involves digitising all orders to hit 100% digital by the end of 2020. This change marks the next step in the digital transformation of the floriculture industry. Digitisation increases the efficiency and speed of both supply and demand. This acceleration matches Royal FloraHolland’s strategy perfectly, with digital transformation being one of the key pillars. In addition, European legislation regarding financial services has been tightened. Using Floriday and placing orders through digital sales channels is the most appropriate route to comply with this legislation.

It means that we will be taking an important step forward as an industry by the end of 2020. From that moment onwards, all direct transactions will take place via Floriday and sales channels FloraMondo, FloraXchange, Blueroots or an (API) link. In respect of our growers, this means that their entire supply for direct trade will then be processed via Floriday. For all trading parties this means that from the end of 2020, their orders via Royal FloraHolland can only be placed via a digital sales channel. This change will significantly accelerate our digital strategy. It goes without saying that we will do this in close collaboration and that Royal FloraHolland in its role within the industry, will help growers and buyers to make this next step in the digital transformation success.

The second change involves eco-certification. Royal FloraHolland will require phased environmental registration and certification for all growers (members and non-members) supplying flowers and plants to the marketplace. By 31 December 2021 at the latest, all suppliers must have a market-compliant environmental certificate. This certification is a milestone in making the sector more sustainable and keeps it possible to flower the world also in the future. The market demands transparency with production and operations.
The mandatory environmental certificate will be introduced gradually. The first step is digital environmental registration for all marketplace suppliers by 31 December 2020 at the latest. Subsequently, after 31 December 2021, having a market-compliant environmental certificate will be made compulsory for all suppliers to Royal FloraHolland. The third step will be to ensure that growers meet all FSI sustainability standards set in the floriculture industry. This will concern not only the environmental field but will also include Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and corporate social responsibility. No date has currently been set for this step. For this final step, Royal FloraHolland will start a dialogue with FSI about the standards that will apply to growers after 2020. The ambition is to meet all FSI standards in the long term.

Royal FloraHolland will be prominently present at the forthcoming IPM Essen show in Germany. We are available to inform you about the developments and discuss how we can help you to be ready for the future – looking forward to meeting you.

Fred van Tol
Manager International Development
Royal FloraHolland

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