Wild flowers and grass for Kyiv public greening

Trial fields with wild flowers, grass and cereals will be planted in each district of Ukrainian capital Kyiv city, in total there will be 25 plots.

Oleksiy Korol, head of KyivZlenBud – Kyiv City municipal enterprise for public greening, explained that 25 decorative meadows will appear in Kyiv, in particular at traffic junctions, distribution lanes and areas along highways.

Approximately the same number of plots that are not located in the zone of active recreation will be allocated for the experiment of non- mowing. This approach which is widely used in EU will be introduced in Kyiv in order to preserve biodiversity and introduce resource saving technologies in public greening.

Oleksiy Korol said, “On the meadows there can be both cereal plants and flowering blue and red flax, marigolds, cornflowers, Gypsophila, Matthiola, Nigella, Clarkia, Eschscholtzia, Iberis and other flowerss, including  poppies and daisies. Such plantings fit best into natural landscapes or along roads, at traffic junctions, as they are planted in other European countries. So, in the parks we will plant allium of different heights, including tall ones. And at traffic junctions and along roads, you need to select mixtures of medium or low grasses. Creating areas with meadow grasses is a different approach than when planting the usual perennials. We are talking about all stages: soil preparation, selection of mixtures, care of herbs, which should result in bright meadow islands in the city.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/100002093023512/posts/pfbid02TLT79yGLWuTZX2HZCKqaj5h9qptegQXLg5DEDX1nZCeRZyDUSwgfcbUcz6VbKJsxl/?

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