Visitor registration now open for Orchid Inspiration Days 2019

NAALDWIJK, The Netherlands: A remarkable journey into the world of the orchid, whereby millions of plants can be admired in the space of nine days. Preparations for the annual Orchid Inspiration Days (5-13 June, 2019) are well underway with 14 participants set to treat their customers from home and abroad to the cream of the Dutch orchid crop. Visitor registration Orchid Inspiration Days 2019 is now live.

Orchid Inspiration Days is a fruitful collaboration between forward-thinking orchid growers who believe that an exciting and creative open house event offers the best opportunity to keep their customers abreast about the newest products, trends and merchandising concepts while giving them a peak behind the scenes at their daily operations. The B2B event will take place in the Bleiswijk, Westland, Aalsmeer and Bommelerwaard regions, all within a 1.5 hrs driving distance from each other. Orchid Inspiration Days and the annual FlowerTrials partially overlap allowing visitors from abroad to make extra good use of their visit to the Netherlands.

From Phalaenopsis, Zygopetalum and Brassia to eye-catching packaging, trendy cachepots and clever merchandising concepts, Orchid Inspiration Days truly aims to live up to its name

Participating in the Orchid Inspiration Days are: Aphrodite Orchidee, GreenBalanZ, Van der Hoorn Orchideeën, Pannekoek Orchideeën, Stolk Flora, De Vreede Holland, De Hoog Orchids, Wooning Orchids, Levoplant, OK Plant, Opti-flor, Piet Vijverberg. Orchids4all went out of business while Lansbergen Orchids is currently relocating its business. Premiering at the event is Ter Laak Orchids and Artisan.

Registration is now live at:

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