Vanya Pink’s  rise to prominence

Featuring pink flowers with a purple tinge, the large, single headed Chrysanthemum Bloom ‘Vanya Pink’ stands out for its semi-pompon flowers, excellent shelf life and high petal count.A firm favourite among florists, Vanya Pink has sturdy and weighty stems, creation of Dutch based breeder Royal Van Zanten. The company today announced Vanya Pink ramps up at the Dutch auctions with wider availability.

This week, Kamuro (Zentoo) and J&A Flowers (Vannova) will start selling Vanya Pink through the Dutch auctions, doubling the number of stems to 20,000 per week.

Chrysanthemums, (otherwise known in the trade as Xanths), are one of the oldest known flowers, dating back to the 15 century BC when they were grown as flowering herbs by the Chinese. The ancient city of Xiaolan Town was renamed Ju-Xian – meaning ‘Chrysanthemum City’. The Chrysanthemum was later introduced to Japan in the 8th century AD and the ruling Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal. Source: Triangle

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