Van der Ende Groep launches new website

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Van der Ende Groep, a leading supplier of water treatment solutions, is pleased to announce the relaunch of its website which is fresh, modern, and more user-friendly.

The website overhaul follows the news of the company’s expansion of its management team and portfolio and relocation to new headquarters.

Lex van der Ende says: ”With In DEPT Agency, we have found a young and dynamic team of website developers who are able to think out-of-the-box and give the right amount of attention to the ‘soft side’, that is the psychology behind modern web design.”

The new website will help Van der Ende Groep develop its service portfolio whilst continuing to offer high customer service standards to its clients at home and abroad.

International cloud hosting allows visitors from anywhere in the world to access without any annoying delay, whether the reason for the visit is to select from the range of products or to watch instruction videos.

“Customers can navigate through the whole website with just a few clicks. With this website, we are more digitally prepared than ever,” says comms manager Nicole Schelling.

Apart from having a clean and colourful new look, the new website will enable Van der Ende Group’s existing and new customers to find the most relevant (price) information more easily.

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