The world’s first Plant Peep Show opens tomorrow in the Dutch town of The Hague

From one tiny seed planted in soil, so much diversity can arise and… arouse. Marking the 2023 Fascination of Plants Day, the Dutch city of The Hague will open the world’s first Plant Peep Show.

Launched in 2015 as the first-ever global horticultural event, the Fascination of Plants Day celebrates the manifold uses of plants for food, nutritional security, paper, medicine, chemicals, energy, and enjoyable landscapes.

The Fascination of Plants Day was officially the 18 May. Still, many lectures, open days, conferences, and workshops continue at universities, botanical gardens, museums, schools, public spaces, city centre squares and parks throughout May.

Tomorrow, 23 May, and on Wednesday, 24 May, Plantum, the Dutch association for the plant reproduction material sector and co-organiser of the Dutch Fascination of Plants Day, will invite visitors to their purpose-built Plant Peep Show in the Anna van Bueren Square, in the Dutch city of The Hague. Inside, six small rooms, larger than a traditional phone box, will encourage the audience to get excited by the wonder of plants. Biologist Charlotte Nederpel is available to answer questions and highlight the importance of plants and plant science. Especially in light of climate change, population growth stressed plants and a global crop protection market in motion, and a new generation interested in plant-based foods.

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