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SILVAN, Australia: The Daphne Perfume Princess continues to demonstrate its versatility and enhance its stature as the Queen of Daphne’s. This award winning plant well known for its exceptional performance and growing characteristics is now also being produced as a ‘Standard’ plant (or Tree form) as shown by Tesselaar Plants at the recent IPM Essen Plant Fair.

Whilst known for its quick growth, large flower and absolutely enticing perfume – due to its hybridising cross with d.bholua ( it is an odora x bholua hybrid) –   Daphne Perfume Princess also lends itself to being grown as a stem plant, as the bholua variety is a very upright growing form of daphne.

Trained from Tissue Culture (without grafting)

Daphne Perfume Princess grown from Tissue Culture can readily grow straight without trimming. The grower simply grows them up a stake until they reach the desired height, removing the bottom leaves as it grows, and then cuts out the leading growth when it gets to the desired height.

Fitzgerald Nurseries in Ireland are currently producing advanced liners to start production of this plant as ‘standards’ for growers.

Enticing Perfume Like No Other!

The rich perfume with soft citrus undertones means that these stem or small tree daphnes are perfect to be grown in pots that can readily be placed on a porch, or wherever one wishes to be enticed with its exquisite perfume.

A Most Flexible Daphne

In conclusion, Daphne Perfume Princess is already one of the most flexible of all daphnes, has more blooms, flowers up to 8 week earlier than d.Odora and continues longer that all other daphnes. Coupled with a stunning perfume, this quick to grow daphne and the options of growing it as a Stem plant expands its uses further.

This exciting new Daphne is a major development for the grower sector and is more than just a ‘Standard’ plant!


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