Specialist Medinella grower revamps corporate branding

WATERINGEN, Netherlands: Dutch based Laguna, specialist growers of Medinella magnifica, is pleased to announce its new brand identity and corporate website.

Laguna is a quintessential family business, run by brothers Michel, Frank and Ron de Bakker, and their brother-in-law Chris Kester.

Commenting on the company’s fresh new look, Laguna’s sales rep Dexter van Zwet says, “Since 2003, we have been proudly growing specimen pot plants with Medinilla being our specialty. Over the past few years we have been able to grow our retail customer base and to grow our brand we think it’s important to align them with our company’s values and Medinella’s unique sales proposition.”

Medinella magnifica is a most remarkable and unique indoor plant.

Originating from South east Asia (the Philippines), Medinella magnifica is a most remarkable and unique indoor plants, featuring leathery leaves and pendulous sprays of pink flowers with showy pink basal bracts. It is also an indoor plant providing good value for money as it flowers for three months. The Laguna wholesale plant nursery is one of the few growers who dedicate themselves to the professional production of Medinellas growing three varieties: the species Medinella magnifica and Lambada and Flamenco which are the result of Laguna’s own breeding work.

Laguna sells its plants through grower alliance The Green Brand Factory. Medinella is a very sustainable option for plant buyers as it has a high resistance to pests and diseases, minimising the use of crop protection products.

Medinella is the star of the Laguna company which also grows Brugmansia and Senetti as side crops.

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