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STUTTGART, Germany: As in previous years, Selecta one will be present at two locations during the FlowerTrials®. In the Rheinland Westfalen Region the horticultural farm Christian Filla in Straelen, which is known from the previous years, is presentation location in Germany again. More than 500 Selecta varieties of the current Selecta one assortment are presented in baskets and window boxes in the show garden there. The adjacent hall hosts special marketing presentations and different product types. In the Netherlands Selecta one has a new location. In the Westland region (Holland) the breeding company exhibits in the Nursery P. van Geest Maasland this year. Visitors can look forward to a new concept and colourful decorated theme worlds on more than 1.000 m². From 12th to 15th June 2018, daily from 8 am-6pm, visitors can convince themselves and be inspired by the current Selecta assortment and by the new varieties and marketing concepts.

 Highlights of the FlowerTrials® presentation of Selecta one:

Pelargonium Moonlight® Tumbao – Passion in XXL

Strong red on dark ground – that is what sets the successful variety Moonlight® Tumbao apart. This vigorous Zonal Pelargonium has very dark leaves and a strong zone. Fiery flowers explode over the leaves – an unprecedented composition. The big flowers in dark red on very dark leaves demonstrate a special colour spectacle. Tumbao is a rhythm from Cuba, and this unique Pelargonium appears exactly like this. It brings the positive attitude of the Caribbean on every balcony and terrace. This XXL pelargonium is very vigorous. Tumbao convinces with continuous flowering and a great performance in summer.

Dianthus Peach Party, Purple Wedding und Early Love® – new pot carnation concepts

2018 Selecta presents a new generation of individual pot carnations. Peach Party, Purple Wedding and Early Love® are already in high demand as individual varieties and as additions to our ranges. The trio makes the Selecta assortment even more colourful, diverse and modern. They are driven by unique marketing concepts which are used for printed pots, posters and banners. Each concept tells its own story, and each of these new varieties has its own charm.

Peach Party – The variety with the unique play of colours – in spring, this variety features a highly attractive, apricot-coloured bloom, which is the perfect complement to the trend for pastel hues. In summer, the variety develops a vivid red eye, creating a glorious contrast between the dark centre of the flower and its lighter-coloured edge. The variety has single, numerous flowers, and is hardy and suitable for any pot size.

Purple Wedding – The variety with incredible flowerage – dozens of flowers and flower buds backed by dark green leaves start to appear very early. The flower comprises three different colours, making this variety a real eye-catcher. This is a hardy variety that grows best in pots measuring up to 12 cm.

Early Love® – The variety with large, double flowers on short stems – growing out in a distinctly rounded form, this variety resembles a bouquet of flowers. Flowershelf life is longlasting and very good. This is a hardy variety that is suitable for any pot size.

Dianthus Pink Kisses® – As beautiful as our friendship

The unique pot carnation Pink Kisses® is the most successful carnation of the Selecta assortment. The variety captivates by excellent cultivation characteristics. Pink Kisses® is easy to cultivate in any given pot size. Another advantage is the striking flower shape and its outstanding shelf life. The beautiful, slightly fragrant flowers trigger a purchase desire. Therefore, Pink Kisses® is very suitable as a gift. Following a successful launch in 2017, with over 30 million contacts via target audience-relevant media and events and measurable success in retail, Selecta one continues the communication campaign for the Pink pot carnation. Under the slogan, “Pink Kisses® as beautiful as our friendship”, the campaign was expanded with an attractive webshop for the target group of young women in 2018 in Germany to increase brand awareness and to appeal to younger buyers. Another highlight of the Pink Kisses campaign 2018 is the new attention-grabbing POS solution for retail: a POS-display with Pink Kisses® in water storage coverpots ensures together with the existing Pink Kisses® marketing material, such as friendsticks, labels, printed pots etc., more sales of Pink Kisses® directly at the point of sale. Selecta one offers more information on following links: and (in German)

PinkTastic® – Fantastic Calibrachoa

The flowers of the Calibrachoa PinkTastic® remind of small, tender florets. MiniFamous® Double PinkTastic® truly catches the eye thanks to two bicoloured pink-white circles of inner petals in each flower, which add to an in-depth colour perception makes it look like an 3D effect. This convinced also the jury of FleuroSelect. The international organisation for the ornamental plants industry awarded PinkTastic® with the FleuroStars 2017/2018 as variety with the biggest “wow-effect” at the point of sale. This excellent summer performer enjoys all the benefits of the MiniFamous® series, such as easy growth, improved root system, the very early flowering and mildew tolerance. PinkTastic® is also easy to produce. If planted single in a decorative plant pot or in combination with other plants in pots, window boxes or baskets – PinkTastic® with its explosion of flowers brings colourful joy.

Besides the mentioned highlights, Selecta one presents also many other existing and new series and varieties of the current assortment and different marketing concepts. On-site the customers can seek advice and get information by the Selecta one team. Also beyond the FlowerTrials®, visitors can visit the Selecta show gardens at the horticultural farm Filla on the Lower Rhine and at the Selecta headquarters in Stuttgart from June to September 2018. Interested people are kindly asked to register for an appointment at Selecta one.

Selecta one FlowerTrials® locations 2018:

Selecta Klemm in the Rheinland-Westfalen region (Germany):
Gartenbaubetrieb Christian Filla, Kortweg 9, 47638 Straelen

Selecta Holland in the Westland region (Holland):
Nursery P. van Geest Maasland, Herenlaan 21, 3155 DC Maasland



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