Eskelund’s Infinity rose sets new standard for miniature roses

DYREBORG, Denmark: Six years ago, Danish rose breeder Rosa Eskelund launched her Infinity rose. Back then she didn’t know how popular this rose would be worldwide.

In no time, this special white rose showed a new standard for potted roses with its extraordinary long-life and very large filled blooms with more than 100 petals. The high-quality rose was a true beauty, and very easy to grow in only 10 weeks.

Roses with X-factor

“For some years we managed to ‘only’ grow and sell the white Infinity rose, but all our larger customers told us that a second color would help Infinity to be considered as a series – after a while they only wanted Infinity in their shops. The shelf life is extraordinary and Infinity roses have a kind of X-factor that makes the waste in shops close to zero”, Rosa Eskelund explains.

Some years passed with a lot of focus on breeding on the Infinity rose and it resulted in a light pink rose, Princess of Infinity® and the Pink Infinity®. These two boosted the Infinity rose and it became a popular line of roses. Since then, both the yellow Jinfinity® and Infinity Evergreen® has been developed.

King of Infinity®

There has always been a high demand for a red Infinity to complete the line, and now after years of breeding and selecting Rosa Eskelund was ready to present the very first red Infinity rose at the IPM fair in January. The name of the rose is King of Infinity®.

“I am sure that the demand of all the Infinity roses will get a boost with this new red rose complementing the other colors so beautifully. Now the Infinity roses covers all colors and seasons”, concludes a happy Rosa Eskelund.

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