Progressive version of Growcoon plant plug earns OK Compost Home certification

Growcoon Progressive, the fastest-decomposing Growcoon plant plug, has achieved ‘OK Compost Home’ certification. Issuing body TÜV Austria confirms, that Growcoon Progressive breaks down completely “at home” on consumer compost piles. This ensures that the Growcoon (used by growers for propagating plants) is suitable for any compost pile. In private garden, for example. This, because it leaves no waste, residue or microplastic behind. Thus, it hasn’t any negative effect on compost quality.

The Growcoon has held the ‘OK Compost Industrial’ certificate for many years. This applies to both the more stable, Regular type and the rapidly decomposing Progressive type. The difference between ‘Industrial’ and ‘Home’ certification standards is the composting environment. The ‘Home’ certification is oriented to the rather inconsistent degradation factors in garden compost piles such as moisture and process temperatures. The decomposition process is therefore usually slower and more difficult compared to industrial composting plants.

Growcoon is a propagation plug holder with an open net structure for seedlings, cuttings and even bedding crops and pot herbs. The net can be filled with any substrate and density of your choice. Even very loose, if desired. An optimal microclimate is formed, and the roots have access to sufficient oxygen. This results in a strong root development and faster growth. Furthermore, the Growcoon makes automation in cultivation processes easier for growers. Transplanting of young plants can be done earlier, without damage or transplant stress. This accelerates the cultivation time by up to four weeks.

Growcoon is available in many different sizes for various applications. All sizes can be manufactured as a more stable Regular type or faster-decomposing Progressive type.

The speed of degradation of the Progressive type is faster under the same conditions, due to a different material composition.

Growcoon is a product innovation developed and manufactured by Maan Biobased Products in the Netherlands and exclusively marketed internationally by Klasmann-Deilmann, a leading supplier in the field of growing media.

The aim of the development of the Growcoon is to improve the sustainability of cultivation processes in professional horticulture and a reduction of plastic waste materials from e.g., pots and trays. Once the functional phase of cultivation and transplanting is over, the Growcoon degrades without remaining residues into water and CO2 only, since the Growcoon is fully biodegradable.

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