PlantPaper claims to have the first certified plastic-free plug system

RIBE, Denmark: Danish manufacturer PlantPaper has earned Plastic Free Certification for its PlantPaper U1 and is claiming to be the first the first supplier of a propagation system with the global standardised Plastic Free Trust Mark from the organisation A Plastic Planet.

The Plastic Free Trust Mark provides growers, distributors, and consumers with complete confidence that the innovative paper contains zero plastic.

Carsten Storgaard, CEO at PlantPaper, says, “PlantPaper is on a green mission, and we are proud to be the first in the industry to supply a certified plastic-free plug system for young plants. Our U1 paper is certified 100% biobased and in compliance with the European standard EN13432, which sets standards for both biodegradability and composability.”

Since its inception in 2016, the Danish company strives to achieve excellence in environmentally friendly and compostable paper for the use in plug systems. Today, PlantPaper has developed a complete 360° propagation system relying on the 100% biobased paper plugs.

“U1 is designed to supply plants with optimal growing conditions, and at the same time avoid the use of indestructible plastic ending up in oceans, soil, and air. We decided to focus on biobased materials, and we are happy to prove that it is possible to grow plants without the use of plastic,”  Storgaard notes.

PlantPaper U1 gives growers the benefit of high airflow to the root-system, healthy rooting, short cultivation cycles and an environmentally friendly production at the same time.

“Intelligent fibers sourced from sugar molecules, are processed into a lightweight paper sleeve. PlantPaper U1 is designed to work against fungus attacks and provide ideal cultivation conditions for growing seeds, cuttings, and plants – the natural way,” explains Storgaard.

Instead of plastic and other harmful materials, the components used in PlantPaper U1 are natural and simple raw materials. Storgaard adds, “Because our paper plugs contain no glue, no pesticides, and no polyester for reinforcement, growers can produce and distribute the young plants with a clean conscience. And equally important, supply a certified, environmentally-friendly product, which is what the market demands.”

During the recent six months, PlantPaper has sold machines in more than 20 countries all over the world, bolstering the PlantPaper brand globally. ““Consumers around the globe are changing their mindsets and rethinking how to use resources. As suppliers, we must chip in and offer new solutions. With PlantPaper U1, we give growers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with plastic-free products,” says Storgaard.

PlantPaper launched at the 2016 IPM Essen show. The brand is the brainchild of Merethe Ellegaard and Carsten Storgaard, who in their initial marketing campaigns referenced the name of Mr Øjvind Ellegaard, Merethe’s father and inventor of the Ellepot. Ellepot is a plug system that took the world by storm as it was the first paper plug that ensured for every plant its own defined space for root development.

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