PanAmerican Seed® acquires Celosia breeding from Celex

WEST CHICAGO, USA: PanAmerican Seed® is pleased to announce it has purchased the complete Celosia assortment and breeding research from Celex, b.v., a breeder/selection subsidiary under the Dutch cut flower company Fa. Van Der Boog & Van Den Bosch.

PanAmerican Seed has collaborated with Celex for more than 25 years on cut-flower celosia series, such as Neo™ and Sunday™, as well as potted and annual Celosia series, such as First Flame™, Dracula Celosia, and most recently the new Concertina™ series. Celex was responsible for breeding, while PanAmerican Seed handled production, worldwide distribution, and sales and marketing.

“Over our many years of partnership, we have built a successful and sustainable growing business in Celosia,” says Anne Leventry, President of PanAmerican Seed. “We are pleased with all the efforts Celex has put into this class and we can’t wait to build on this momentum of excellence.”

Celex, through its close existing partnership with PanAmerican Seed, has already introduced many new and successful celosia varieties to market, including two Gold Medal winners by Fleuroselect, as well as receiving a Quality Mark and a Novelty protection.

“We are assured our Celex breeding efforts and genetics are in good hands at PanAmerican Seed,” says Peter Van Den Bosch, owner of Celex, who is nearing retirement along with business partner Henk Van Der Boog. “They will continue our work to the benefit of cut flower, potted and bedding plant growers all over the world.”

The sale will conclude Oct. 1, 2019, when the full Celex celosia breeding assortment will be integrated into PanAmerican Seed’s catalog of plants. No employees or assets are part of the purchase.

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