New look and feel for Dutch breeding company Evanthia

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Dutch-based breeding company Evanthia is pleased to announce its new brand identity.

Evanthia’s rebranding effort ensures that the company continues to stay fresh whilst keeping its core values at heart: knowledge of breeding, propagation, seed optimisation and markets, reliability, and good customer service through the delivery of tailored solutions that meet individual needs

Evanthia founded in 2013 as a spin off from Combinations and has since focused entirely on the breeding of cut flowers, pot and bedding plants, the propagation of tropical foliage plants and seed optimisation.

In recent years, Evanthia has experienced a period of rapid growth developing into a breeding company with strong genetics. Top series such as Helianthus Sunsation® potted sunflowers, Celosia Act and Reprise, Campanula Big Ben and Brassica Empire, now find their way worldwide. Helianthus Solano™, Celosia Turbo, Philodendron Shangri-La, Strelitzia nicolai, Brassica Black Leaf and Elegance are also exclusively available in Europe through Evanthia

Building partnerships and sharing knowledge are important themes for the new phase Evanthia is entering.

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