New corporate video marks Holambra’s 30th anniversary

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HOLAMBRA, BRASIL: Brasil-based Veiling Holambra has created a new corporate video offering viewers a behind-the-scenes look of what in three decades has become a cooperative that plays a vital role in the country’s handling and marketing of flowers and plants. The official launch of the video coincides with Holambra’s 35th anniversary.

The video boils the auction’s mission down to four words: evolve, connect, inspire and innovate. In just six minutes the video travels back to 1989 when the first auction in Holambra was held on April 3, when a group of ornamental flower and plant producers from the first Cooperativa Agropecuária Holambra (CAPH), decided to auction off their products using a Dutch-style auction. The first auctions were held in a very simple way: a loud count-up and cards with numbers were raised by customers to indicate their bids. Although it started in an improvised way, participants soon realised that the system was a good solution to sell their products, and in a short amount of time, more producers and customers adopted this business model. Thus, the flower and plant industry in Brazil began to experience continuous development.

In the years that followed, the auction became an essential tool for the growth of the market in Brazil. It often set the pace of progress in the industry, causing logistics and other methods to be adapted or created in order to meet the demands of the system.

The history of Cooperativa Veiling Holambra (CVH) is no doubt marked by the introduction of Klok (auction clock sales). Strengthened by the sales system, the cooperative expanded and its efficiency also prompted great changes in the entire process of selling and trading ornamental flowers and plants. Administrative, technological and logistical resources were implemented throughout the supply chain for this tool to work satisfactorily for both its members and customers.

In 2009, CVH took another important step by opening its new 800,000m2 headquarters. With a modern lay out, the complex houses a similar infrastructure to the state of the art one in the perishable goods industry worldwide, including 7,500m2 of cool chambers and a fully computerised trading system.

Currently, Cooperative Veiling Holambra holds more than a 40% share in the domestic market of ornamental flowers and plants. Its auction room hosts around 400 customers daily. With three electronic Kloks, CVH trades on average 3,000 trolleys a day in its auctions, the products being distributed to all regions of Brazil.

Holambra’s auction room is one of the most modern in the world, with a huge 68 m2. LED panel, the only Veiling to have this resource.

In addition to the traditional sales system, CVH recently implemented another trading tool, Veiling Online, which allows producers and customers to use the remote sales resource to speed up and streamline their trades. Another technology to be introduced this year is radio frequency identification (RFID). This development will provide greater security to the control of handling materials (returnable containers, carts and partitions) and will facilitate the logistics processes. It directly contributes to the internal efficiency and productivity and significantly reduces the product shipping and delivery times, since road transportation is still predominant in Brazil.

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