MNP/Suntory grows its business with an explainer video

Ornamental plant breeder MNP/Suntory uses a 2.39 minute video to explain what their business does, and how it strives to meet customer needs from the one end of the complex floricultural supply chain to the other.

MNP/ Suntory is a household name in bedding and patio plants with brands such as Surfinia®, Senetti®, Princettia®, Beedance®, Surdiva® and Sundaville® occupying pride of place.

Effectively explaining how things are done at MNP/Suntory can be a daunting task due to the complexity of the global floriculture supply chain. That’s why the company decided to produce an explainer video in which plants are the stars, although the animation style used in the video production is not particularly colourful for a plant company.

The story line is as follows: first there’s the exciting breeding process with multiple criteria to double check, then a small Sundaville® cutting makes its unique journey from Japan to the Netherlands, through expert hands and under the watchful eye of true pioneers, through laboratories, through creative marketing and communication ideas and into the spotlight of international exhibitions.

The video gives answers as to how much time passes between the moment of selection and a brand launch.

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