Miyoshi & Co., Ltd. announces presence at EXPO 2019 Beijing

BEIJING, China: Miyoshi & Co. Lt. is one of the participants in the Japanese Pavilion at the International Horticultural Exposition “EXPO 2019 Beijing”. Japan prides itself on having a long tradition in cut flower breeding. Specialty cut flowers bred in Japan with every imaginable attention to detail can be found in field and greenhouses around the world and will capture the world’s attention at the EXPO this week.

The theme for the Japanese pavilion at the EXPO 2019 Beijing is “Mysterious Japanese blue”

On the occasion Miyoshi will celebrate a collaboration between Ken Kidokoro and students from the Flower School in Beijing.  Kidokoro is a Japanese floral designer who together with 20 Chinese students from “Sikastone Florist Education”, a flower school where famous designers act as instructors, will prepare sumptuous flower displays.

Miyoshi’s show will run August 17-30 at the Japanese pavilion: G44 & G45, International Gardens

Participants from the company’s international sales department include:

Yo Matsumoto (17th Aug to 20th Aug)

Yuki Otsuka (21st Aug to 27th Aug)

Tomoko Nishijima (28th Aug to 30th Aug)

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