JB Hydroponics joins business consortium Atrium Agri

Left to right Ruben Peeters (CFO Atrium Agri) ,Koen Brabander (PB tec), Job Bossers (JB Hydroponics), Henk Verbakel (Havecon)

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Atrium Agri, a global consortium focused on greenhouse technology, is proud to announce the addition of the 7th company to its membership ranks: JB Hydroponics.

JB Hydroponics (JBH) has been a familiar name on the international stage for years, thanks to the company’s innovative concepts for flexible and constructive solutions for substrates, substrate systems and turnkey projects. The JBH product range includes steel cultivation systems, possibly in combination with PP or PVC systems, and container systems. The company also supplies Tempex systems (used for alstroemeria cultivation, among other things) and substrates. The systems are available for all types of crops and substrates. With 7 of its own roller machines, JBH is one of the most important players in the area of cultivation systems.

Atrium Agri is building a global consortium of significant companies that are leading in their field of experience. The company’s philosophy is that market development should not only come from external investors but should be driven by market specialists; and so create synergy between the participating companies.

Atrium Agri consists of Havecon, VB Group, PB Tec, BOM Group, VEK Adviesgroep, CambridgeHOK and now JB Hydroponics. The group offers unparalleled levels of technical skill across all aspects of horticultural engineering and have a combined turnover of +/- €350M in 2020. Atrium group members will provide their international customer base with advanced horticultural solutions in almost every major market.

The latest addition of JB Hydroponics further cements Atriums offering to the global market. The breadth of JBH’s skills will allow Atrium improved solutions across the world.

For more information visit www.atriumagri.com

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