Italian cities are getting greener

Flormart survey finds that the importance of urban green space in public health and well-being will largely influence the future development of Italian cities.

All the responses to the survey are available to view in Flormart’s inaugural Green City Report, which will become an updating periodical industry survey.


Flormart OnLife Roadshow was the platform chosen to launch the report at the end of June. “The Flormart Green City Report marks the start of a journey initiated by Flormart’s organiser, Fiera di Padova to support both visitors and exhibitors of all our trade shows,” explains Luca Veronesi, CEO of Padova Hall. He adds, “More industry reports will follow including one for TechnoBar&Food, our food and beverage trade show. For the nursery stock sector, we will be carrying out a second survey at the end of summer and a third before Flormart City Forum on 1 December, when the data will be able to provide us with even more precise information on the current evolution of the trends.”


According to the operators, the trends and tendencies for the near future are moving towards community use of green areas – urban forests (50 per cent of respondents, recreational gardens, and parks (39 per cent) and communal allotments and gardens (38 per cent).

When asked which city is fielding the most active urban green policies, respondents mentioned Milan (23.1 per cent), Turin (22.8 per cent), Padua (9.2 per cent) and Bolzano (8.8 per cent).

The outlook for the sector is mostly stable – plants, design, and maintenance of green areas are growing markets. The business environment for machines and play/sports equipment sectors is more challenging.


The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a decisive impact on the sector. Three out of four considered the emergency to have had an intense or quite severe impact. Among the most urgent problems during this phase, sector companies complain above all a massive reduction in orders (46 per cent) and a shortage of financial resources (37 per cent). Opinions regarding the sector’s reaction are, on the other hand, good. Half of those answering expressed an intermediate opinion (49 per cent), but the view of many of the others (34 per cent) was positive. As to forecasts for the sector’s recovery, the majority (about 70 per cent) believe it will occur before the end of 2021. View or download the survey from the website:


Those taking part in the presentation of the first Flormart Green City Report included the Veneto Regional Authority Councillor for Agriculture, Giuseppe Pan, who presented the Region’s new initiatives in support of the primary sector.

He says, “The effects of the pandemic and lockdown have hit the primary sectors with an evident drop in turnover, but some, such as agritourism, nurseries and horticulture, have been harder hit than others by the financial repercussions of the crisis. The Region has therefore decided to make available zero-cost financing of up to €50,000 for Venetobased agricultural SMEs, together with a new direct subsidy of up to €7,000 per agricultural company.”

The Councillor adds, “This initiative is financed partly through a modification to the Rural Development Programme, with €23 million to guarantee the liquidity of the agricultural companies most severely affected by the Covid-19 emergency. The measure now goes to the Regional Authority for approval and I am confident they will want to respond swiftly to the needs of our companies.”


In the meantime, Flormart continues without a break. The 2021 edition of the horticultural and nurseries exhibition will be preceded by the Flormart City Forum to take place on 1 December at Fiera di Padova, where there will be some presentations of the event’s innovations. But the Flormart OnLife Roadshows will also be continuing with online appointments involving sector operators, touching on the most sensitive themes of this particular year, confirming Flormart’s role as a point of reference for companies, associations, public authorities, and professionals. The series of events will culminate with the international exhibition to take place from 22 to 24 September 2021.

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