ISO Bulb Planting Machine

GAMEREN, Netherlands: At this year’s GreenTech show, ISO Group, the company that took the young plant business by storm with its ISO cutting planter, presented its latest innovation: ISO Bulb Planting Machine.

The monotonous and physically strenuous task of manually planting tulip bulbs into trays or growing containers is undertaken during the peak production period. With this aim of improving this process, the company designed a machine that -when fitted with four robotic arms- can gently plant approximately 12,000 bulbs per hour. A camera system with built-in artificial intelligence identifies each bulb and ensures that the bulb’s nose is facing upward. When June is always an extremely busy season for bulb growers with annual harvest underway, only a limited number of growers found their way to ISO’s stand at GreenTech but those who were present showed a keen interest.


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