Inside the Netherlands’ largest nursery stock trade show, Plantarium|Groen-Direkt

Busy aisles at the show’s opening day.

Following a successful debut in August 2022, show organiser Green Retail Events hosted the second autumn edition of the AIPH-approved Plantarium|Groen-Direkt show, held between 23-24 August 2023 at the International Trade Centre in Hazerswoude/Boskoop, Netherlands. Boskoop’s Royal Horticultural Society judges crowned Diervilla splendens Kodiak Mixx as Best in Show at the KVBC New Plant Awards.

Roksana Klutz from cacti and succulent grower Giromagi from Tuscany modelling the company’s eco-friendly pot cover from paper.

Plantarium|Groen-Direkt is frequently touted as the Netherlands’ largest nursery stock trade show. This year, 200 wholesale plant nurseries on 20,000m² of exhibition space showcased starter plants, trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and everything in between. It’s the perfect trade show for garden centre retailers, nursery growers and landscaping pros as it brims with innovation, new products and services focused on emerging trends, technology and sustainability.

First-time exhibitors

Organisers welcomed more than 50 first-time exhibitors, making the plant range shown on the Plantarium|Groen-Direkt even broader. Among the newcomers was Hydrangea grower Sjaak van Schie from Maasdijk. The company supplies Portuguese-grown Hydrangea cuttings, half-finished plants and finished Hydrangeas. Their ‘Hy-pe Grow your Own Hydrangea’ comprises a range of half-finished, reblooming Hydrangeas bred by HiBreeding and available in pink, blue, white and red. The Hy-pe Grow Your Own high-impact pot wrap gets the plant noticed on the retail shelf.

Also, a first-time exhibitor, Bailey Nurseries from Minnesota, the USA, offered a wide range of plants for retailers, growers and landscapers, from potted ornamental shrubs and perennials to their popular consumer brands. Newcomers Piece of Jungle from Schipluiden and Eurovivai from Italy grow colourful Caladium houseplants and Acers and Azalea, respectively. Flying the German flag were several (heather) growers presenting their plant ranges in a purpose-built German aisle.

A must for every retailer

Plenty of showy and colourful stands.

The two-day event showcases the latest breeding breakthroughs and a dynamic order-writing trade show for plant suppliers and their buyers. Retail buyers found more than 5,000 sample batches of readily available plants on display benches and a Danish Trolley Fair in the Groen-Direkt feature area. The latter allows green professionals to buy plants in smaller quantities per Danish trolley layer.

Comprehensive layout

Walking the Plantarium|Groen-Direkt 2023 show floor was accessible as organisers catered for a comprehensive, spacious, systemic design with more compact stands and sample displays. This year again, week 34 was August’s hottest period. The greenhouse-style venue warmed up quickly, but fortunately, there was no make-shift tent city with poor exhibitors and attendees melting like last year.

A central axis divided the show floor into two halves. One provided space for direct-order plants through Groen-Direkt’s sample batches. The other half was showier, with a novelty showcase and exhibitors presenting their products and services in lavishly decked stands. For example, Cacti and succulent grower Giromagi from Tuscany showcased their full range of colourful mixes for best-selling succulents and cacti, driving impulse buying in supermarkets and DIY stores. Giromagi produces around 10 million plants annually on 50,000m² of protected land or in the field. Making its debut at Plantarium was their eco-friendly pot wrap from paper.


Recognising the sector’s extensive breeding and selection work and inspiring marketing concepts and plants with the ‘wow factor’ are three awards.

The show’s most prestigious awards (read: medals) were handed out by Boskoop’s Royal Horticulture Society (KVBC).

Diervilla splendens Kodiak Mixx won Best in Show and the KVBC Gold Medal at this year’s Plantarium|Groen-Direkt.

KVBC judges voted unanimously for Diervilla splendens Kodiak Mixx to win Best in Show, highlighting the victorious plant as follows: “This KVBC gold medal winner is colourful and has a full, bushy growth habit, not seen in other Diervillas. It doesn’t suffer from leaf scorching and tip burn. Its light green leaves emerge with bright yellow edging which lightens to a creamy colour, eventually fading to white. The new shoots of Diervilla splendens Kodiak Mixx are a stunning bright pink colour.”

Saskia Janssen from plant agent Valkplant adds that the prize-winning Diervilla has been found as a mutant at American wholesale plant nursery Spring Meadows and says it stands out for its full growth habit and drought tolerance. Pieter van den Dool in Waddinxveen is growing the first plant batches.

The Green Concept Award recognises the best marketing concept, judged by representatives of the international garden centre chains Jardiland (France), Plantasjen (Scandinavia) and Dobbies (UK).

Precious Earth moss planters by Vof de Leeuw den Engelsen/Garden Treasures from Someren scooped up the 2023 Green Concept Award.

This year, Precious Earth, a range of moss planters designed to fit any space or lifestyle grown by Vof de Leeuw den Engelsen/Garden Treasures from Someren, scooped up the 2023 Green Concept Award. Precious Earth moss bowls create a timeless Zen-like feeling. The jury praised the concept’s sustainable character as mosses help to retain moisture in gardens and are also very heat tolerant.

Plantarium|Groen-Direkt is also home to the Visitor Vote Awards, announced on Thursday, 24 August, the show’s final day. Hydrangea Living Little Rosy, submitted by Hinrichs Pflanzen, scooped up this accolade.

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The company Sjaak van Schie introduced its Hy Pe Grow Your Own Hydrangeas range.



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