Hamifleurs and OZ Export are in talks to join forces

AALSMEER, Netherlands Floral wholesale companies Hamifleurs is understood to be speaking to OZ Export about combining their assets, logistics operations and ‘back office’ support functions.

Both companies are part of Dutch Flower Group with Hamifleurs’ headquarters in Honselersdijk and OZ Export in Aalsmeer.

DFG confirms that the two floral wholesalers have entered into strategic discussions to keep the locations in Honselersdijk and Aalsmeer open while maintaining the three separate brands Hamifleurs, OZ Export and Van Dam Bloemen.

DFG anticipates the reorganisation to complete before the end of 2020.

Last month, Hamifleurs and Van Dam Bloemen announced that Niels van der Plas, managing director of Intergreen, will be leading three instead of one company. He took the role of CEO at Hamifleurs and at flower importer and exporter Van Dam Bloemen. Van der Plas will continue to serve as CEO of Intergreen, the company that currently finds itself amid a reorganisation.

Richard Koenen, who is currently one of the board members at Van Dam Bloemen, will serve as commercial director of Hamifleurs and Van Dam Bloemen. Completing the management team is Barry Verbeek, the new CFO of the organisation.

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