German-Dutch-American Pelargonium power

HENDRIK-IDO-AMBACHT, Netherlands: The iconic Pelargonium Toscana brand, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is among one of the most successful plant breeding campaigns ever. Toscana has graced the gardens, window boxes and city cityscapes across the world for two decades. Toscana Pelargoniums are exceptional plants; they push out plenty of new flowers all season and are pretty easy to grow for the professional grower and end consumer.

Today, the illustrious trio behind Toscana’s success consists of Perry van der Haak, Florensis, and Ball Group. However, Toscana’s phenomenal success is not solely due to these three companies – but also to other Pelargonium pioneers deeply rooted in German soil.

One of Toscana’s ancestors hails from Papenburg, from the family-owned plant nursery Silze. Founded in 1899, Silze made a name in Pelargonium breeding by selling its genetic stock in 2012 to their long-time business partner Florensis, P. van der Haak, and Ball Flora Plant, the brand’s current owners.

Over the past few years, Florensis, Haak and Ball have pursued their product expansion strategy full throttle with the German line of Endisch Pelargonium being added in 2017.

The Toscana brand features an extensive line of more than 100 Pelargoniums zonale, interspecific and peltatum ideally suited for retail promotions and specialist producers alike.

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