Florensis Cut Flowers

HENDRIK-IDO-AMBACHT, The Netherlands: On Wednesday, May 30th, the first pile was struck for the construction of 13,000 m2 of extra greenhouse facilities at Florensis Cut Flowers in Rijsenhout.

This greenhouse is designed especially for the production of Lisianthus young plants. The demand for Lisianthus has increased strongly in- and outside of the Netherlands and the production at Florensis Cut Flowers has grown enormously in recent years.

This state of the art greenhouse, in which the climate can be optimally managed year-round, has been developed with the huge amount of knowledge gained over the last years. With this expansion Florensis Cut Flowers is able to supply uniform Lisianthus young plants of the very highest quality throughout the year, fulfilling the demands of todays’ clients.

By the end of this year the new greenhouse will be taken into use. With this expansion, Florensis Cut Flowers expects to be able to accommodate further growth in the coming years.

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