Facilitating passenger to freighter  conversions

SCHINDELLEGI, Switzerland: Kuehne+Nagel has developed an integrated end-to-end logistics solution to support passenger aircraft into freighter aircraft (so-called P2F) conversions. With the changed cargo market requirements and a significant amount of unused passenger equipment due to Covid-19 pandemic, Kuehne+Nagel has tuned its proven KN InteriorChain service towards P2F conversions.

The growth of air cargo, especially for e-commerce, implies a need for more than 1,500 aircraft to be converted from passenger to freighter. P2F conversion is an engineering challenge that requires a number of complex structural modifications of the aircraft, such as the installation of the main deck cargo door, removal of all passenger amenities, installation of floor grid and freighter floor panels for increased weights and many other modifications. A massive amount of structural items used during the conversion requires precise and reliable material management.

KN InteriorChain is the outcome of Kuehne+Nagel’s close collaboration with suppliers and customers and an in-depth air cargo and aerospace expertise. The solution is based on Kuehne+Nagel’s global 24/7 aerospace network, ensuring connectivity and visibility down to part and serial number level globally from origin until handover to the engineer.

Taking a modular and integrated approach, it significantly reduces the overall costs while eliminating complexity with a single point of control that handles the material flow end-to-end in line with layover schedules and manufacture serial number (MSN) sequence. The solution includes fully digitised ordering and supplier management, proactive multimodal transportation management, customs, warehousing and end of life solutions.

Erik Goedhart, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Aerospace at Kuehne+Nagel, says: “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Kuehne+Nagel has proven its agility to adapt to changing market requirements quickly. With the new P2F aircraft conversion programme, we now offer a reliable end-to-send solution to manage conversions of retired passenger aircraft into a long-lasting freighter, so our customers can scale up their operations, reduce costs and boost cargo capacity. I am very pleased that the initial feedback out of validation sessions with leading airlines and companies for P2F conversions is very positive.”

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