New Technology Offers Multitude of Benifits

Building on tried-and-true machinery, Ellepot, the leading supplier of paper pots and  machinery is proud to announce the launch of a new machine called the Ellepot Flex20 AIR for producing Ellepots with great aeration and drainage. Read on to discover how revolutionary technology combines superior performance with environmental responsibility.

Established in 1992, the Ellepot name has been synonymous with quality, durability and reliability. From simple semi-automatic machines to today’s superior technology and engineering, Ellepot has truly become a world-class provider of propagation/liner systems. Over the past five years the company has invested considerable time, money and resources into yet another state-of-the-art Ellepot technology in response to grower demand – extending its ability to provide flexible, high-speed and top quality Ellepot manufacturing solutions. Young plant producers have already predicted that the brand new Ellepot Flex20 AIR is set to take the industry by storm. The investment has already generated considerable interest from both existing and prospective customers.

Revolutionary technology

Roots are absolutely vital to a plant’s health. With this in mind Ellepot designed the Flex20 AIR machine which has been thoroughly beta-tested. Based on revolutionary technology, the machine handles the growing media so gently that the airy, soft and fragile structure is left fully intact.

It is now possible for customers to produce softer pots, allowing a faster and easier sticking of cuttings or fragile seedlings.

Ellepot engineers say that when using the new machine there was a 10 to 20% better airflow through the paper pots, resulting in faster root growth. The combination of moisture, air and the right paper and also help to create the perfect micro-climate for plants, stimulating overall root growth.

Reliable and flexible

The machine is highly reliable and flexible. A core of soil is drawn by vacuum from the hopper into 20 feed tubes (pipes) surrounded by eco-friendly paper. The paper tube is filled with growing media and then cut into Elle plugs in various lengths and diameters. A quick and easy conversion of the machine into other diameters is merely a question of changing the adjacent ‘tower’ to cater to 40 mm (young plants) and 60 and 80 mm pots (shrubs).

The machine is capable of producing a whopping 45,000 Ellepots per hour! When it comes to paper Ellepot offers a choice of over 18 different types, all of them decomposable and ecofriendly, to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Easy to operate

Cost-effective and fully automatic the Flex20 AIR is friendly and safe to use. It has an intelligent touch screen interface on widescreen displays. Handling of the panel is intuitive which makes for easy operation.

Ellepot engineers told FCI that the panel can be used to display and alternate complete filling programmes, providing real-time information, for example on air porosity, composition, length or filling patterns. The only manpower needed is someone to keep an eye on the soil hopper and paper reels, changing and filling as required. With an Ellepot production line that includes a sticking crew, robot or transplant line, it is possible for one person to operate two Flex20 AIR machines at once.

Growing greener

Flex20 AIR does not require high maintenance or highly-qualified personnel. The machine is fitted with LAN connection for Remote HMI Support from the Ellepot service center. This facilitates seasoned technicians assisting growers better, preventing downtime and keep production running smoothly

The Ellepot system was developed and designed to help growers save money, become more efficient and productive and grow greener. Using Ellepot’s biodegradable system eliminates plastic use which perfectly fits any sustainable production programme at plant nurseries around the world

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