Dutch software company announces free webinar to discuss digital labour tracking in greenhouses

VEENENDAAL, Netherlands: Dutch software company Mprise Agriware will host a free webinar on 23 March to discuss the benefits of digital labour tracking solutions in greenhouses. Registration is now open.

Labour costs coupled with the availability of skilled labour continue to be one of the primary concerns among greenhouse growers. Many greenhouse companies feel  they don’t have enough grip when it comes to registering labour. Mprise Agriware’s free to attend webinar will help growers to address the issue more efficiently.

Labour tracking is important. But the pertinent question is what are the registration tools growers rely on? Do you use paper or Excel to write down working hours? Or do you use a digital system? According to Mprise Agriware labour tracking through their bespoke Agriware 365 software means working more efficiently with less errors. At the same tme, the company’s digital solutions enable growers to analyse their data, improve the process and diminish future costs.

Mprise Agriware will demonstrate how to register labour and hours on the work floor by using an app. And how this information will automatically synchronise with the company’s back office.

Digital labour tracking in horticulture

Date: 23 March

Time: 2pm CET

Target audience: growers

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