Dutch lighting company goes to where the growers are via the Signify LED Roadshow

MONSTER, Netherlands: To ensure its LED light solutions stay top of mind, Signify goes to where the growers are via the Signify  Horticulture Roadshow.

Can you optimise the predictability of your crop’s growth? Which lighting can really help you improve crop quality? How do you find the right balance between yield increase and energy saving? These and many other questions were answered during the Signify Horticulture Roadshow. On Tuesday 6 April, Signify in association horticultural wholesale supplier UFO Supplies and breeding company Evanthia organised individual sessions with growers to discuss the latest developments of Philips LED innovations.

The developments in LED lighting for the horticultural sector are going fast. Time for an update. Now that meetings are subject to restrictions and large exhibitions worldwide do not take place, this requires a creative approach. The Covid-19-proof bus with Philips grow light made an extensive stop at Evanthia in Monster.

Leo Boers, a crop advisor at Evanthia, invited growers to the event in time slots: “In personal, interactive sessions, we looked together with growers at the possibilities for greater efficiency and crop-specific light recipes. For crops such as Snapdragons, for example, there is still much to be gained. We are increasingly working towards year-round production of this traditionally seasonal product. The key lies in the combination of the right genetics and cultivation technique.”

Breeding company Evanthia from the Westland region in the Netherlands is always looking for new ways to put the grower in a good market position and to work with chain partners towards joint success. Evanthia’s crop specialists and application engineers from Signify and certified Horti LED partner UFO Supplies work with growers to create tailor-made lighting solutions, for each specific crop.

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