Dutch grower’s alliance Touch Me+ embarks on a retail safari in Poland

Left to right Martijn Vreugdenhil, Hester Hordijk, Nick Voskamp, Sigma representative, Thijs van der Valk, Alex Gevers and Jeffrey Ammerlaan.

WARSAW, Poland: Grower’s alliance Touch Me+ last month embarked on a retail safari in Warsaw to experience the latest trends, innovations and insights of Poland’s retail environment.

Market experts of consultancy firm Sigma led the programme of visits to Tomaszeweski, Flora Point, Biedronka, OBI, and Leroy Merlin. On day two the seven growers of the Primula obconica ‘Touch Me’ toured Bronisze, Kaufland, Lidl, Carrefour, Castorama, Auchan, Netto and cash and carry Selgros.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw where trade officers of the Embassy’s agricultural office provided the growers with a comprehensive overview of Poland’s economy and ornamental plant market.

The grower’s biggest take-aways from the trip include: within Polish DIY stores and supermarkets flowers and plants are a category with growth potential. Online sales continue to grow, and the market offers plenty of opportunities to launch private plant labels and tailormade packaging.. Growers also learnt that Poland is primarily a price-orientated market, highly dependent on flower and plant imports. Last but not least:  Polish holidays that celebrate love fuel a boost in flower and plant sales

Touch Me+ is a collaboration between breeding company Schoneveld Breeding and seven growers including  SV.CO, Gevers Planten, Ammerlaan-Sosef, OK Plant, Loos Plants, Berkhout Plants and Sjaak Buijs B.V.. Primula obconica’s of the Touch Me+  group sell under the brand name Sweet Kisses. Breeder and growers strive together to improve product quality and develop marketing concepts for the spring flowering Primula obconica Naturally, the Dutch growers explained Polish retailers all ins and outs of Touch Me’s USPs. The plant is primine-free and as such doesn’t cause skin irritation. Touch Me is available in Mini Midi and Maxi ranges and is boldly coloured.

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