Dutch Greenhouse Delta appoints Hans van der Beek as its new advisor for Gulf Region

WESTLAND, Netherlands: WESTLAND, Netherlands: Dutch Greenhouse Delta, a provider of Dutch expertise in protected cropping, has appointed Hans van der Beek as its new advisor for the Gulf region.

Van der Beek previously brings many years of experience. He has worked for more than 10 years as  agricultural advisor in the Gulf region, operating from his office in Saudi Arabia.

In his new role at Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Van der Beek will set up coalitions and partnerships and strengthen existing collaborations.

Van der Beek has an extensive relationship network in the Gulf region and he has started many public-private partnerships over the past decade. With his experience and relational skills in the Gulf, he is a great asset to the team of Dutch Greenhouse Delta and its partners.

Van der Beek: “I have lived and worked in the Gulf with great pleasure and facilitated Dutch agriculture and horticulture. We have achieved good results for the Dutch business community and were able to make the sector in the Gulf more sustainable.”

“It is a privilege to contribute to a better position of the Dutch horticultural sector in the Gulf, because I believe in the strength of this sector, but also because it contributes substantially to the much-needed reduction of excess water use in the Gulf. In addition, there is nothing more beautiful to contribute to the primary food supply.”

The demand for self-sufficiency and the production of healthy, fresh food has been high on the agenda of several countries in the Gulf region for years. That demand for – and consumption of – fresh food will continue to increase due to increasing population growth, tourism, and improved health care.

High-quality technology, to process the volume, is therefore essential. By offering a total solution, in the field of horticultural technology, management (guidance), and knowledge transfer, countries in this region can be helped to become more self-sufficient.

To better position Dutch horticulture in the Gulf, DGD has started a PIB together with the RVO in 2021. PIB stands for Partners for International Business and is a programme that enables Dutch companies to realize their international ambitions in a public-private partnership. The PIB for the Gulf region currently has 23 partner organisations, that jointly organise various incoming and outgoing missions, and matchmaking and networking events. Hans van der Beek will also act as coordinator of this PIB, called: NLHortiRoad2theGulf.  For more information visit https://hortiroad2thegulf.com/

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