Dümmen Orange launches new pot Chrysanthemum Cosmo Compact

Dutch plant breeder and propagator Dümmen Orange has launched Cosmo Compact, a new series of  disbudded Chrysanthemum for pot cultivation. The company says it is naturally compact and versatile. To add to this Cosmo Compact has great eye-appeal.

As its name suggests – Cosmo Compact is bred for compactness. Thanks to its naturally low growth habit, cultivation requires fewer PGRs. Growers can easily combine the varieties in a mix or sell them as a single colour per pot. What’s more, the series is suitable for a wide range of container sizes and can even be grown in tiny 7 cm pots.

Cosmo Pro stands out with big flowers, which can reach as much as 14 cm in diameter. They come in four single colors: Cosmo Compact Bronze in bronze red, Cosmo Compact Purple with pale purple flowers, the white Cosmo Compact White and Cosmo Compact Yellow, whose bright yellow flowers contrast beautifully with its dark green foliage. All four varieties are easy to combine – even in one pot – as they are all highly homogeneous in growth, habit and earliness.

Cosmo Compact is a highly uniform disbud series and needs less disbudding compared to similar chrysanthemums. According to Dümmen Orange the new series has a response time of 6½ weeks and is easy to grow year round.

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