Dümmen Orange adds two new poinsettias to its Freya series

WESTLAND, Netherlands:  Dümmen Orange has expanded its popular Freya series with Freya Pink and Freya White.

Among consumers, red is the most popular colour of poinsettia, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Dümmen Orange’s Freya is one of the options available for growers who look for a trustworthy red poinsettia.

Freya, according to the breeder, boasts reliable characteristics and is now accompanied by two new siblings for the coming season—both of which were developed from mutations: Freya Pink and Freya White.

Freya varieties produce distinct, vibrant colours and are suited to high-volume production. Their V-shaped structure facilitates high-density cultivation. Quick, simple sleeving, making the varieties highly economical. Freya poinsettia help growers achieving their sustainability goals as they require low inputs and withstandi cold temperatures.

Freyas are so-called NanoBract varieties. Freya, Freya Pink, and Freya White feature a tightly-packed canopy of medium-sized bracts, all at a similar height. This makes the plants easier to transport and able to withstand retail conditions, while still producing vibrant, vivid colors—including under artificial light.

Freya’s beautiful bracts remain highly visible, even after sleeving. The NanoBract varieties are primarily bred for production in 12 cm pots with five to seven bracts. They can also be cultivated in 13 cm pots as well as mini and midi sizes. The Freya varieties have a response time of eight weeks.

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