Diamonds are for Danziger

Micha Danziger.

Hundreds of friends, family and customers from around the world travelled to Tel Aviv to celebrate Danziger’s Diamond Jubilee.

Special guests of honour were, of course,  Ernst Danziger and his wife, Zehava.

The Danziger team treated their guests to a fantastic programme, offering an energetic blend of  business friendships, knowledge sharing  and great hospitality.

Night Spectacular

The event opened with a tour of the company on Sunday November 10th, offering attendees the chance to go behind the scenes of Danziger’s different indoor and outdoor production sites. Particularly interesting was the wide range of exciting new varieties and the company’s dedication to sustainability.

There was also the chance to have a look at the breeding programme of endangered parrot species.

In the evening, all the guests embarked on a guided sightseeing tour of the city of Jerusalem with a guide providing them with the necessary commentary. The Tower of David Light Show, known as the Night Spectacular, was an unforgettable experience. And it turned out, that the party included real diehards, such as Arturo Croci, who are never ready to give up!

Educational programme

Wonderful songs and late night dancing.

On Monday November 11th,  the party was invited to participate in a seminar on advanced agriculture. Opening the conference was Micha Danziger, who introduced five key note speakers who provided insights into the science behind breeding.

Professor Jonathan Gressel spoke of the ‘Biotechnology for food security in the developing world’, while professor Alexander Vainstein focused on the Genecoaster, which studies the effects of scent in the flower industry, the health care sector and wine industry.

Collplant’s CEO, Mr Yehiel Tal unveiled the secrets of his company’s success under the title ‘Plant-derived rhCollagen products for tissue repair’.

Dr Menachem Moshelion discussed new screening techniques for identifying drought resistant plants.

Professor Davis Weiss gave a lecture on ‘Giberellin in agriculture; molecular tools for growth control’.  All key topics were presented in a comprehensive way with plenty of room for an open debate.

Music and dance

In the evening, Danziger hosted a spectacular anniversary party, including speeches by Micha, Gaby and Chanochi in a warm, happy and friendly environment. Special guests of honour were, of course,  Ernst Danziger and his wife, Zehava, who visibly enjoyed the mix of wonderful songs and late night dancing.

The week was concluded with a tour to Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, the north of Israel and dinners at the residences of Micha and Gaby.

One of the highlights of the week was the Masada Mountain tour.

One of the highlights of the week was the Masada Mountain tour when Danziger’s guests climbed up the mountain to witness a breath-taking sunrise in yellow and orange.

My fellow traveller Herman Hamer and I concluded that even though we have seen much of the world attending a good number of parties and business events, nothing rivals the hospitality and upbeat mood we enjoyed at Danziger’s. The hospitality was really overwhelming, with a programme designed to create the best circumstances for a successful jubilee. The country and the mild Israeli sun did the rest. I owe Danziger a big thanks!



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