Delphy’s hi-tech experimental growth chambers take shape

BLEISWIJK, Netherlands: Work to develop two hi-tech experimental growth chambers that have entered the final few weeks with multi-tier growing systems installed last week.

Delphy, the Dutch knowledge sharing organisation and service provider for cultivators worldwide (formerly known as DLV), kicked off construction of the two growth chambers at its Bleiswijk-based Improvement Centre last year.

The first purpose-built research unit will host the indoor cultivation of high-wire crops such as tomatoes plus a four-tier growing system for leafy greens or young plants.

The completion of both facilities is scheduled for the middle of June this year.

Delphy responds to the strong demand for more knowledge about vertical farming with the two new experimental vertical farms.

The Vertical Farming facilities are part of the Fieldlab Vertical Farming South Holland project. This project is funded partially by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund, the Province of South Holland, Infinite Acres, Priva and Signify.

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