Decorum to hold its Spring Fair at Noordwijk-based potted bulb grower H.L. Hogervorst

Decorum, a Dutch alliance of flower and plant growers, will hold its annual Spring Fair on Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 1 June 2023. Event orgnisers have chosen the nursery of potted bulb grower H.L. Hogervorst in Noordwijk as venue of choice.

With less than two weeks to go, Decorum says that its highly-anticipated two-day event is nearly fully booked and ready to open.

The event will give breeders, young plant suppliers, growers, wholesalers, garden retailers, and plant marketeers the opportunity to sample the sentiments in the trade and find out what will be hot this summer.

Decorum’s Spring Fair will put flowering houseplants in the limelight. The event is a fruitful collaboration between 15 forward-thinking flowering houseplant growers who believe that an exciting and creative open house event offers the best opportunity to keep their customers abreast about the newest products, trends and merchandising concepts.

Among the companies that have confirmed their presence are Duijn-Hove, Sion Orchids, Bernhard Orchids, JoGrow, SlijkermanKalanchoë, Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants, Van Schie, Richplant, FlorXL, J&P ten Have, Ten Have Plant, Van der Voort Potplanten, HL Hogervorst, Fa. Freek van der Velden and Ammerlaan-Sosef.

The B2B event will take place at H.L. Hogervorst in Noordwijk, a grower of potted bulbs, who will be eager to give his guests a peek behind the scenes at his daily operations.

Entry to the event and car parking is free. Opening hours: 9am-4pm

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