Campaign to make Polish farmers aware of illegal pesticides

two hand protecting violet flower

Trade in illegal pesticides is increasing around the world. It is estimated to account for 10-15% of the whole market meaning that 1 in 7 products on the European market comes from illegal trade. Poland has launched an awareness campaign targeting its farmers.

This also amounts to around 2800 trucks for the EU including 425 trucks in Poland. Last year, however Polish authorities discovered only 21 tonnes of illegal plant protection products.

Poland is exposed to a particularly high risk due to its geography with the EU border and several harbours. Therefore the Polish Association for Plant Protection together with Polish authorities (PIORIN and the Tax Office) have rolled out an illegal pesticides awareness campaign targeting farmers. The campaign and its simple way to recognize and avoid illegal pesticides comes at a perfect time. Spring is around the corner with farmers interested in the topic at the beginning of the new growing season. Next to numerous press articles and conferences, materials at tax offices are also available for farmers. Illegal plant protection products are a threat to farmers, consumers, nature and the environment but also to the country’s economy.

Source: Dutch Ministry of Agriculture

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