British Garden Centres’ commitment to home-grown plants

With spring being around the corner, British Garden Centres has renewed its commitment to providing customers with quality and value through an extensive range of locally grown plants, cultivated in the UK.

At British Garden Centres, one of the UK’s leading garden centre chains, they are dedicated to growing our plants locally to ensure quality, sustainability and support for local communities. The company’s team of passionate horticulturalists has taken every step to cultivate the best available stock for customers.

Three nurseries, namely Fretherne Nursery, Woodthorpe, and Temple Nursery, are run by a team of experts who are dedicated to bringing the highest quality plants.

By choosing British-grown plants, the chain says it is not only supporting local growers but also bolstering the horticulture industry in the UK. Their partner nurseries  cultivate a wide variety of seasonal plants that are bursting with colour and ready to add instant impact to any outdoor space.

The company has sold 8 million plants in 2023, with 600,000 of those being houseplants, which clearly shows that the plant parent trend is here to stay.

The top-selling houseplant in the collection is the Phalaenopsis 2-spike orchid, typically a plant imported from the Netherlands, with an impressive 50,000 units sold throughout the year. This remarkable success of the plant is a testament to both our dedicated and knowledgeable nursery staff and how nature can bring joy and positivity into our homeowners’ lives.

Looking ahead, the Temple Nursery has a planned programme of growing 255,482 plants for the upcoming 2024 season, showcasing our commitment to continued growth and productivity in  plant offerings.

With its extensive range of home-grown plants, the garden centre is confident that it can provide  customers with the best possible products to help them create their dream outdoor spaces.

Julian Palphramand, Head of Plants at British Garden Centres said: “As a proud family-led business, we take great care in growing the finest quality plants in our nurseries. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our cultivating process, as we meticulously select and transport our plants to our 62 stores located across the country. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional plants and garden products that reflect our passion for horticulture and our love for nature.”

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