Bosman Van Zaal partners with World Horti Centre

Author: Ron van der pWESTLAND, Netherlands: Dutch-based World Horti Centre, the international hub for horticultural research, innovation and education is delighted to welcome its newest member: greenhouse constructor Bosman Van Zaal from the Netherlands.

Last week, Bosman Van Zaal’s Ben van der Heide and Ronaldt Thoen put their signatures under the  agreement.

Bosman Van Zaal develops its projects with the help of smartly automated 3D models and a modern production factory. All knowledge of constructions, climate, E-installations, irrigation, logistics and control have been brought under one roof.

The new partnership is a well-established programme which will help horticultural businesses improve their competiveness, productivity, performance and profitability by tapping into the knowledge and skills in horticultural engineering companies.

Set to open on 1 October at the premises of World Horti Centre is a Bosman Van Zaal Showcase which will provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s product portfolio and field of activities, with special attention given to the company’s expertise in vertical farming.

Bosman Van Zaal develops, produces and builds complete horticultural projects at home and abroad. The company is the result of a merger a few years ago of Bosman, a renowned greenhouse builder who will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, and logistics expert Van Zaal, who has been active internationally since 1968. Bosman Van Zaal’s projects are based on the latest developments and the latest insights for the sustainable and efficient cultivation of food, floricultural products and plants for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. For more information visit

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