Bol Peat achieves 97.2 per cent delivery reliability

20170704 Bol Peat

Bol Peat, an international supplier of peat products, renewable  raw materials and additives to substrate manufacturers and horticultural suppliers, has achieved its objective of 97.2% delivery reliability. 

Among the company’s product range are peat products such as wood fibre, coconut materials, bark, mineral raw materials and compost materials.

“We are incredibly proud of this result,” said Rens Jacobs of Bol Peat. “All companies and organisations strive to achieve delivery reliability of course. But it is not straightforward to realise an objective that you set for yourself. And definitely not if the objective is extremely ambitious and challenges you on all fronts. The fact that our system indicates that more than 97% of deliveries go well makes us very proud.”

Own management
The entire delivery process is under own management to maintain high quality and timely delivery. To this end, Bol Peat has its own terminals in Europe. ‘”Our strategy is designed to have the products extracted or produced as close to the customer as possible. We work closely with local specialists to achieve this, based on our specific quality requirements that comply with all RHP norms,” explained Jacobs. “For us, delivery reliability depends on a combination of factors, such as quality, quantity and time. All of them have to be right.”

Special role in the market
Bol Peat is a daughter company of Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, but operates fully independently. The concept is unusual because the Bol Peat supplies both Klasmann-Deilmann factories and its competitors.

“We occupy a special role in the market,” continued Jacobs. ‘The importance of good-quality and sustainably produced raw materials for the production of potting soil and substrates extends further than the limits of the company. Together we are responsible for a better world. By delivering the right quantity of the desired quality on time, we stimulate optimal use and prevent excess.”

Bol Peat is RHP and RPP certified, which guarantees the quality and sustainability of its products.

Supply chain
Bol Peat utilises ports and factories in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, which are always available for its use. From these central points, the company transports over water or overland, depending on the destination and speed required of the delivery. Given its flexible transport methods (trucks, containers, inland vessel or ocean-going vessel), Bol Peat is a renowned link in the supply chain. The entire route is closely monitored by the supply team, to ensure that the transport has no negative effects on the quality of the products.

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