Azerbaijan’s leading rose oil producer has added Dutch cut roses to its business

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VANDLAM, Azerbaijan: The Berlin-based trade show Fruit Logistica was where Dutch greenhouse constructor Bosman Van Zaal and AZ Rose from Azerbaijan met for the first time. Now a few years on, Azerbaijan’ s leading rose oil producer has added cut roses to its business. ‘Red Naomi’,  ‘Talea’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Aqua’, ‘WOW’ and ‘Sweet Avalanche’ proudly occupy a Dutch-style greenhouse, built by Bosman Van Zaal.

The entire greenhouse complex covers an area of 6.3 ha with an anticipated output of 190- 210 stems/ m².

A solid foundation to hold the heavy steel construction of this turnkey project was laid in 2017. This first phase comprises earthquake-resistant greenhouse and a 3,110 m², super insulated packing area.

The glasshouse structure is fitted with energy-screens, a gable screen, gutters, a mist system, water storage and silos, a buffer tank, drip irrigation on 10 gutters per 8 meters, pipe-rail heating, a disinfection and re-circulation system and a CO2-installation. The condenser works in two ways, one is cooling CO2 and the other is recovering extra heat from the flue gases. The well water is being purified by reverse osmosis. Cultivation is closely monitored by an iSii Hoogendoorn computer .

High pressure sodium lamps are installed that supply 149 micromoles / m² / sec. The lighting system generates light and heat, so the temperature of the heating tubes decreases as soon as the lighting switches on. To avoid cold gables and sidewalls the Dutch contractor installed separate heating systems with separate control and measurement.

The core business for AZ Rose is producing rose oil for the Russian and Georgian market. Rose petals are harvested from field grown roses. However, the new, state of the art greenhouse now are home to the cream of the crop of Dutch cut rose breeders. The freshly harvested roses will serve customers at home while the company also sees opportunities for export sales.

The AZ Rose project is among one of the many projects of president Ilham Aliyev, the son of the country’s former president Heydar Aliyev, a big name on Azerbaijan’s political stage for more than 30 years. AZ Rose is one of the many construction projects meant to provide a promotional boost for Azerbaijan in the world.

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