Australasia’s largest greenhouse constructor sells minority stake to greenhouse technology powerhouse GreenV from the Netherlands

Australia and New Zealand’s most prominent commercial greenhouse construction company, Apex Greenhouses, has agreed to sell a minority stake to GreenV B.V., a group of individual companies that work seamlessly together, each delivering the best technology, products and services in their domain of greenhouse technology.

Apex Greenhouses’ Australian chief executive, Folco Faber, states: “GreenV has taken the minority interest in line with its vision to provide world-leading complete greenhouse projects, along with sharing its knowledge and international experience. It has been a well-considered decision to partner with GreenV. It enables Apex Greenhouses to leverage GreenV’s access to cutting-edge automation and emissions-reducing technologies in a rapidly advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry”.

“Projects are becoming larger and more complex,” according to Folco Faber. “Our typical client 10 years ago was a family operation and while they are still an important part of our customer base, we see larger corporate interests entering the space with heavy investment worldwide from PE, super funds and listed companies. High tech greenhouse projects are capital-intensive, so the monetary injection is needed if we are to feed the planet.”

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