Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is reaching a digital milestone in Europe

Since the launch of the Air France KLM Martinair Cargo online booking tool myCargo about 2.5 years ago, many upgrades have been released to enhance its booking and service facilities.

MyCargo is the portal where the company’s customers request quotes and make bookings, but also where services like track & trace, claims and notify-me are offered. myCargo is developing in an agile manner, which means customers’ needs are constantly monitored

Most recently the option of making 24/7 instant bookings of up to 4 tonnes and the option of booking pharma shipments have been added. In addition, the company launched an API (Application Programming Interface) capability that will enable customers to directly connect the “Quote & Book” online booking tool into their systems, which will offer them all sorts of efficiency gains. This API capability is unique in the industry. “We are very pleased with myCargo’s degree of adaptability and its customer satisfaction ratings. We get a lot of positive responses from customers. This month we reached a milestone in Europe by having 52% of the quotes requested online. This means, in practice, that about every 20 seconds a quote is requested online during a working day!”,  says GertJan Roelands, Vice President Europe at Air France KLM Martinair Cargo.

The company’s digital approach is backed by the GoSurfing campaign, which was recently introduced in Germany and will roll out further in Europe in the weeks ahead. Another development driving online sales is a new programme for small and medium-sized forwarders called “WHAT COUNTS”. WHAT COUNTS creates value for our customers in three ways. Firstly, it gives customers the opportunity of saving Blue Credits for the cargo flown. Customers can spend these Blue Credits on airline tickets, thereby saving on travel expenses. Secondly, these customers are given access to MyCargo, allowing them to book and manage shipments 24/7. Thirdly, the WHAT COUNTS approach is largely based on big data. Air France KLM Martinair Cargo knows the level of specialisation of its customers. This enables them to send targeted offers to customers, based on their specific needs. In the Netherlands WHAT COUNTS led to higher customer satisfaction ratings and increased sales. The WHAT COUNTS programme is now being introduced Europe-wide, allowing small and medium-sized customers to access this improved service proposition. “Growing digital initiatives or generating online sales are not goals in themselves. Digital initiatives allow us to further improve our service to customers, leading to greater customer satisfaction, and that’s what counts,” says GertJan Roelands.

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