This is how AIPH tries to stimulate the consumption of flowers and plants

AIPH, Association Internationale des Producteurs de l’Horticulture, is the international organization of growers of flowers, plants, bulbs, shrubs and trees. Its members are comprised of growers worldwide. With a team of employees, AIPH tries to stimulate the consumption of flowers and plants in five different ways. What’s their strategy?


  1. Promotes the industry by organizing horticultural exhibitions worldwide.
  2. Stimulates the greening of urban environments.
  3. Combats international developments that obstruct the blooming of the industry.
  4. Shares developments and knowledge which help entrepreneurs to flourish.
  5. Promotes best practices thus promoting the industry’s exceptional entrepreneurship.

World Expos

World Horticultural Expos are important to get people acquainted with the industry. These events are being organized worldwide and often governments are taking the initiative to be a partner organizing the event. These expos provide an opportunity to show the capabilities of the industry.

Greening the city

Greening cities can be a spin-off of world expos. A park environment is often the product of a world expo. Moreover, greening cities is a real game changer. A greener city can help combat global warming because it combats the urban island effect. In urban areas average temperatures are higher than rural areas because cities lack an abundance of green areas and permeable surfaces. In green environments the urban island effect is reduced and AIPH is organizing conferences and sharing knowledge about green cities. This issue is gaining popularity because the industry can create real solutions for a serious problem. Besides the fact that a green environment combats crime, it is good for our health and enlarges social coherence within urban societies. Greening the city can be of commercial importance, provided the industry is willing to cooperate with governments and fellow companies.

Helping the industry bloom

There are certain issues that can prevent the industry worldwide from blooming. Take for instance aspects of plant health, phytosanitary regulations and breeders rights. AIPH is aiming to create a worldwide level playing field. Not by lobbying but by researching these aspects thus giving ammunition to national organizations for their national lobbying efforts.

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is important for AIPH, visionaries of the future of worldwide production, trade and marketing of ornamental plants. Which countries will gain relevance in horticulture? Which countries will become less relevant? At formal and informal meetings, AIPH shares its knowledge on this and other issues with its member organizations. Affiliate members like Philips Lighting and MPS help AIPH acquire knowledge it can share.

Promoting best practices

To showcase top entrepreneurs amongst growers of ornamental plants, AIPH, together with founding partner FCI, developed the International Grower of the Year award which will be given out at the next IPM in Essen (Germany) on January 23, 2018. There are three categories in finished plants (cut flowers, plants and trees) and two new categories for sustainable companies and small companies. Companies that win this award have become good national and international ambassadors for the industry.


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