Adomex acquires cut foliage specialist supplier Fronita

EDE, Netherlands: Adomex is among the world’s leading cut foliage specialist suppliers and sources a wide range of cut foliage products from carefully selected growers from all corners of the world. The company has reached an agreement to buy cut foliage business Fronita, a household name at flower auction Plantion in Ede, the Netherlands. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The Fronita company has been around since 1980 with the company’s founder Ton van Rijn opening his Fronita flower shop in Utrecht’s city centre. In the 1990s, Van Rijn started his career in cut foliage as ferns, rose hips and hypericum became increasingly popular as bouquet fillers. Van Rijn is going to retire has and has entrusted his business with Adomex who he knows will run it well.

The official transfer of the Fronita business to Adomex took place on 1 July 2020. Apart from the name change, the product portfolio, including Arachniodus adiantiformis, Phoenix roebelinii, Aspidistra and Salal , as well as the contacts and service, will stay the same.

Pictured left to right is Paul van der Plas (Fronita, now trading under the Adomex brand name), Peter Bakker (CEO of flower auction Plantion), Ton van Rijn,  Mark van der Ban en Anton Klunder (commercial and general director of Adomex respectively).

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