Driving Tourism

Major events can become catalysts of tourism, according to OECD study which provides selected country approaches and guidance on: ​

  • Aligning tourism and major events strategies to promote tourism growth ​
  • Measuring the potential impacts of major events on the visitor economy​

​One of the benefits of hosting AIPH expos is the opportunity it creates to drive future visitation. The city will attract visitors who might not have come to the region otherwise, increasing their likelihood of visiting again in the future and recommending the destination to others. ​

AIPH Expos offer a special asset created to showcase beauty and creativity – the Expo park, which impacts greatly a visitor experience in a new destination. Appreciation for gardens and horticultural tourism is a growing trend worldwide, and ornamental horticulture attracts millions of visitors from all over the world to gardens and parks each year.​

In the UK alone, horticultural tourism has been increasing dramatically since 2014. In 2017, the sector accounted for £2.2 billion tourist spend, £2.9 billion GDP impact and 60,500 jobs. *

“Events are an increasingly important motivator for tourism, figuring prominently in the development and marketing of most destinations and playing a growing role in destination competitiveness.”


Previous Expo host cities have reported: ​

  • Positively promoting the host region to potential visitors​
  • Showcases to visitors everything the city has to offer ​
  • Encourages future visitation by driving a positive experience​
  • Using the expo site afterwards maintains the tourism boost as it can become a permanent tourist attraction ​
  • Expo infrastructure can be used for future events


* Source: Oxford Economics – The economic impact of ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK – Oct 2018​

Case study: Suncheon 2013 Expo

The 2013 Expo site, Suncheon Bay National Garden, was visited by an average of 5 m people every year between 2015 and 2020.​

1st place in national assessment of summer vacation satisfaction, 2018​.

Annual benefit from Suncheonman National Garden Visitation is €193,4 m