Blooming economies and cities to inspire the world

In 2020, AIPH celebrated 60 years from the start of the Expo Movement. International Horticultural Exhibitions are staged by the model similar to the one of World Expos; they have a unique value proposition: greening cities, reconnecting with nature and creating a sustainable legacy.

IGA Hamburg, 1953. One of the first International Horticultural Expos

Floriade Rotterdam, 1960. First World Horticultural Expo.

We have conducted a valuation study to quantify AIPH Expos’ value to cities worldwide during the last 15 years.

This study brings attention to the positive benefits of hosting AIPH Expos:

  • Strengthen local economies,
  • Contribute to sustainable development,
  • Enhance cities’ reputation,
  • Improve urban settings,
  • Drive tourism,
  • Educate and inspire,
  • Bring better governance

We are excited to share the results of this study with you.

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Did you know?

Hosting an AIPH approved Expo can have a direct economic impact of €527m

Did you know?

AIPH is proud to have approved and supported over 50 International Horticultural Exhibitions since 1960 around the globe