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AIPH is responsible for approving the world’s most exceptional horticultural expos

AIPH Horticultural Expo in Turkey

Upholding the very highest standards, we ensure that AIPH-approved exhibitions benefit growers and visitors alike by inspiring a greater appreciation of ornamental plants. Drawing on the experience acquired over generations, we provide organisers with expert guidance to create world-class spectacles that live long in the memory.

With a mandate agreed by an international convention, we have been approving and regulating International Horticultural Expos, with our partner the International Exhibitions Bureau BIE, since 1960. The approval and monitoring of the progress of every International horticultural exhibition is a key part of our Exhibitions Committee’s role.

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Successful expos will:

Increase global appreciation for horticulture in terms of its benefits to individuals and societies.
Stimulate the increased use of plants to improve the health and wellbeing of society, the enhancement of the environment and the strengthening of economies.
Clearly demonstrate society’s need for horticulture and the role it plays in linking people with their environment.
Bring together horticultural excellence from different countries to promote the best knowledge and practice from all over the world and to celebrate cultural and horticultural diversity.
Promote the concept of the Green City.

From economic impact and sustainability to driving tourism and enhancing reputation, the benefits of holding an exhibition are far reaching

Organiser’s Guide for International Horticultural Exhibitions

A guide to the planning and organisation of an international horticultural exhibition

Expo 2016 Antalya offered an international platform to address global environmental issues and provided participant countries with the opportunity to promote themselves to a global audience.

Antalya, Turkey from April 23, 2016 - October 30, 2016

Child Drawing
Antalya 2016
Expo Tower
Children waving at festival
Istanbul flowers

4,700,000 visitors

Long lasting success

Enthusiasm for such expos has continued to grow with millions of people visiting exhibitions hosted all over the world. Recent successes over the last two years include the horticultural expos in Taichung 2018 (Chinese Taipei) and Beijing 2019 (China) which attracted over 7 million and 9 million visitors respectively.

We have already approved eight expos between 2021 and 2027 in Europe and Asia. Overall visitor numbers are likely to exceed 30 million people in total. Billions of dollars go towards developing these international spectacles that can stimulate the development of whole cities and transform the international reputation of host cities.

Each expo lasts for six months, and sites range from 50 to over 500 hectares in size. Each one is carefully regulated, steered and monitored by AIPH.

Green City Initiative

AIPH approved exhibitions help to green cities across the globe to enhance the environment as well as local and national economies. With every exhibition, further awareness builds and creates surrounding sustainability and environmental issues as well as the horticultural and landscaping industry.

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“We live in a world facing many challenges. The need to live in a sustainable way and to protect the environment we inhabit is now more important than ever.

As the world becomes increasingly urbanised so society faces challenges of poor health, crime and economic crisis. A vast body of scientific research shows us that greening our cities and our lives with plants genuinely tackles these global problems. What’s more horticulture makes the world beautiful.

Hosting an International Horticultural Exhibition will change a city forever. Although the exhibition itself is relatively short-lived, the legacy can leave lasting benefits for generations to come for the host city and country.

Hosting an International Horticultural Exhibition creates greener cities that become the pride of a nation and the envy of the world as well as attracting millions of visitors.

AIPH is proud to have approved and supported over 40 International Horticultural Exhibitions since 1960 around the globe with many more on their way. You are welcome to raise any question and start a dialogue with us.”

Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General, AIPH