The path to sustainability in ornamental horticulture

Here you will find recordings of all the presentations and panel discussions from the AIPH Sustainability Conference 2021. You can watch the whole conference on YouTube here.


Mr. Tim Briercliffe, AIPH Secretary General; Mr. Bernard Oosterom, AIPH President; and Ms. Mariska Dreschler, Director of GreenTech opened the conference, which took place on 30th September 2021.

Keynote speaker: Dr David Bek

Understanding the sustainability challenge in ornamental horticulture

Stimulating and measuring change – industry taking the initiative

What does a sustainable ornamentals industry look like?

Key players in the global ornamentals industry debate the importance of sustainability to their businesses and organisations and how they see the challenges of sustainability changing their businesses and the future of the industry.

Panellists include:

  • Dr. David Bek, Coventry University (Chair)
  • Mr. Maarten Bánki, Sustainable Development Manager, Royal FloraHolland
  • Ms. Susannah Ball, Sustainability Co-Lead, Ball Horticultural
  • Mr. William Gee, Head of Sustainability at Freddie’s Flowers
  • Mr. Richard Fox, Union Fleurs President and Sustainability Director for Flamingo Horticulture, Kenya

Stream sessions

Each panellists submitted a presentation that was available to view prior to the conference. The panel discussions focussed on the content of these presentations.

Packaging and the Circular Economy

Pre-conference presentations from:

Growing Media

Pre-conference presentations from:


Pre-conference presentations from:

Sustainability Marketing

Pre-conference presentations from:

Closing remarks

AIPH Sustainability Conference 2021 Sustainability FCI Webinar: Sustainable Growing Media


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