Green City

Invest together

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Communicate the benefits to various parties

Parties such as the health sector, businesses, engineers, designers, the building sector, developers, cities / local governments and the community can all gain from green in the city. Emphasise the long term benefits for each sector

The cost of green is an investment

Costs for urban greening are an investment just like any other building investment. Approach a green project as a business case and ask the question: what is the joint ambition and how can it be achieved together. With this approach, green have added value and the costs will be seen as an investment with a quantifiable return.

Business benefit from quality public projects

Businesses should be encouraged to consider co-investing in public projects that improve the business location. Vibrant business districts encourage business investment and attract talent.

Real estate near green is more valuable

Developers should be made aware that houses with quality green in the neighbourhood are worth significantly more than houses of the same type in non-green neighbourhoods. This motivates the inclusion of ‘living green’ into the total budget. The value range depends on whether the property is adjacent to green, has a view of green, or is near green

Regulation incentives encourage good development

Invite businesses who are looking to invest in green (People- Planet – Profit – Peace – Partnership) to locate their business in the city and invest locally. Give incentives such as a shorter permit process to projects that incorporate green. Developers and agencies now use sustainability certification in their real estate marketing efforts. Certification programmes globally include LEED, BREEAM, Estidama, Green Star, and WELL.

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Benefits of investing together

  • More sources of funding for projects is available
  • A broad spread of ownership increases the willingness to invest
  • Various parties become responsible for the liveability of their own city
  • Improve the image of a company and/or city


“By using sophisticated modelling systems, cash values can be applied to ecosystem services such as moderating temperature fluctuations, improving air quality and buffering intense rainfall events. By using this approach through computer models such as STRATUM (US Forest Service) New York City is able to show that street trees provide benefits to the value of 5 X the cost of their maintenance.



Partners who can benefit from quality green

Policy makers

  • Local governments
  • Regional governments
  • Water authorities
  • Waste management
  • Social affairs
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Urban planners
  • Engineers and designers


  • Local and regional governments
  • Businesses
  • Private sector
  • Building sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Wellness sector
  • Tourism sector
  • Education sector
  • Community groups
  • NGO’s


  • Local governments
  • Regional governments
  • Water authorities
  • Waste management
  • Social affairs
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Urban planners
  • Engineers and designers

In new and existing developments

Create a high quality catalyst green project with a multidisciplinary team and market it to the various parties in order to create enthusiasm and encourage future team investments.



Optimise results

Combine the needs of various parties in order to optimise the funding sources for a project with (more) green.