Waterdrinker announces changes to its management board

Left to right: Mariska Foppen, Bob Moria, Leon Buskermolen.

Following the appointment of  Leon Buskermolen as managing director effective 1 January 2024, plant cash and carry store Waterdrinker today announced that Bob Moria and Mariska Foppen, who together have served within the company’s management board for 25 years, have indicated their wish to seek alternative opportunities outside of Waterdrinker.

This year, Waterdrinker celebrates its golden jubilee. Jaap Waterdrinker founded the cash and carry store in 1973 in the beating heart of the flower auction VBA.

Waterdrinker has grown by leaps and bounds over the past five decades to become one of the major wholesale plant suppliers/exporters. Today, their ‘Green Trade Center’ cash and carry store continues to be the core of its business.

In 2020, Waterdrinker merged with OZ Planten and Hamiplant (both part of the Dutch Flower Group)) to form the Dutch Plant Group. The new powerhouse in wholesale plants consists of a 25,000m2 Green Trade Centre cash and carry store and a mind-boggling range of more than 20,000 different plants and accessories sold to garden centres, wholesalers, supermarkets and DIY stores across the 27 markets within the European Union and beyond.

In its 50 years, the company’s development has been pursued continuously and with enthusiasm. Management and employees alike have embraced new ideas and initiatives and created a strong company with exceptional potential for further growth.

At the end of this year, Bob Moria and Mariska Foppen, who together have comprised the executive team of Waterdrinker for 25 years, will retire—a milestone for both and a good moment to pass the baton to the next generation.

Bob and Mariska have been associated with Waterdrinker for 36 and 28 years, respectively. After so many years of collaboration, they have decided to step down from their executive roles jointly.

Dutch Flower Group is pleased to announce that Leon Buskermolen, managing director of Hamiplant since 2011, is prepared to take on the important role of managing director of Waterdrinker effective 1 January 2024. Buskermolen comments, “I very much look forward to dedicating my time and energy to Waterdrinker together with the management team, which I have gotten to know these past few years.”

In the coming year, Bob Moria will continue to perform an advisory role at Waterdrinker and Dutch Flower Group. Mariska Foppen, who joined Waterdrinker as a fresh graduate, will be expanding her horizons and working with a number of start-ups.

According to Moria and Foppen, “Waterdrinker has become a full-fledged brand in the sector, something we are very proud of. Our employees, growers and long-time customers are close to our hearts. We hope that the same level of positive energy and job satisfaction will be maintained and that the company will continue to grow and develop.”

Dutch Flower Group is currently in the recruitment process for the position of managing director of Hamiplant.



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